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Operators’ Service Charter


All Coach Operators for whom Momentum Coach Hire acts as Agent are committed to delivering excellent customer service. This Charter sets out what this commitment means in practice, what consumers can expect from  the Operators and what they expect from Consumers and passengers.

Operators provide a wide range of services across many different locations to different people and organisations and it is important that everyone receives the same high quality service.

Both the Operator and the Consumer accept that in entering into a contract for coach hire, any issues will be resolved in line with this Charter.


Nothing in this Charter is intended to restrict the Consumers’ statutory rights.


Operators will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the correct vehicle is used to move passengers in accordance with the booking times requested. Operators are committed to providing an efficient and professional service.

However, as with any transportation service, coaches can run late for any number of reasons that are outside the Operators’ control such as:

  • previous passengers running late,
  • mechanical issues,
  • heavy traffic,
  • accidents
  • adverse weather/driving conditions
  • road closures etc

Where such delays occur, the Operators will make every effort to communicate this to the Consumer via the Momentum Coach Hire who will recommend alternative travel arrangements or offer compensation on the Operators’ behalf in accordance with the table below.


All vehicles supplied by the Operators will be regularly inspected and serviced so as to be roadworthy.  Each vehicle will be covered by a valid policy of insurance and be operated in accordance with the Operators Licence supplied by DVSA

The Vehicles will be driven in accordance within the law and in accordance with the Highway Code.

The vehicles supplied will be suitable for the requirements of the consumer based on the information supplied at the time of booking as set out in the Customer Booking Confirmation.

Vehicles will be presented in a clean and tidy state


Operators will supply up to date copies of the

  • Operators Licence
  • Vehicle Insurance Document
  • Public Liability Insurance Documents
  • CRB documentation (on request)

to Momentum Coach Hire who will, on request, provide copies to Consumers


Operators will supply drivers who are qualified and able to drive the class of vehicle supplied for the booking.

All drivers supplied by Operators will:

  • drive safely and within legal limits.
  • Maintain the Health and Safety of all passengers and other road users
  • Remain courteous and respectful to all passengers and other road users
  • Present themselves cleanly and smartly


In the event of a complaint (either directly or through Momentum Coach Hire), Operators will deal with matters in a quick, courteous, fair, legally compliant and helpful manner so as to achieve a satisfactory outcome for the Consumer.

Operators will be open and honest with Consumers at all time and ensure that they and their staff take responsibility for resolving the complaint as soon as possible with all decisions arising from a complaint explained clearly.

Operator guidelines for complaint resolutions

When an issue occurs with a booking, Operators will act fairly and consistently with consumers so as to resolve any issue reasonably and as soon as possible.

Subject to this, please find below Operators’ current statement of resolutions to possible complaints, by type.  Please note that this statement is for guideline purposes only and any individual resolution is subject to the discretion of the Operator concerned.

The liquidated damages below are usually in full and final settlement of any claim.  This  does not affect your statutory rights.


No. Complaint Type Sub Types Value/%
1 Late Coach Pick-Up Between 30 & 60 mins £50
Between 60 & 120 mins 10% of booking value
Between 2 & 4 hours 15% of booking value
4 hours + 20% of booking value
2 Late Coach Arrival at Destination Materially Wrong route £25
Wrong time estimate (this is longer due to heavy traffic) £25
Wrong address details TBA
3 Coach Breakdown Consumer made own way TBA
Breakdown meaning the coach picked up between 30 & 60 minutes late £50
Breakdown meaning the coach picked up between 60 & 120 minutes late 10% of booking value
Breakdown meaning the coach picked up between 120 & 240 minutes late 15% of booking value
Breakdown meaning the coach picked up over 240  minutes late 20% of booking value
4 Wrong Vehicle Type Executive not Luxury TBA
Standard not Executive £50
5 Wrong Vehicle Size Vehicle too small for booking requirements TBA
Vehicle too big 10%
6 Coach Toilet Problems No toilet when it was agreed in writing there would be one £50
Toilet locked – No access (when it was agreed in writing there would be one) £50
Toilet smelly/flush problem/not satisfactory
7 Coach Aircon Problems Aircon Performance Issue (when agreed in writing there would be aircon) £50
8 Coach Cleanliness Poor interior coach cleanliness £25
Poor exterior coach cleanliness (to be reasonably interpreted based upon weather/road conditions) £25
9 Available Luggage Space Inappropriate luggage space. Based upon luggage guidelines in booking confirmation TBA
10 Coach not colour promised If agreed in writing TBA
11 No 3-Point seatbelts If agreed in writing TBA
12 Itinerary not adhered to Not followed confirmed I writing itinerary £TBA
13 Driver does not have itinerary Confirmed Itinerary not followed £TBA
Confirmed.  Operator at fault.  Itinerary followed
14 Driver does not carry out verbal amendments TBA
15 Driver breaks At pick up point TBA
On route to destination TBA
16 Driver has no SATNAV/lack of knowledge TBA
17 Coach Availability – Delay time rejected TBA 100%
19 Rude Driver TBA
20 Driver not having appropriate dress TBA
21 Driver goes to incorrect Pick-Up for return Delay between 30 & 60 mins £50
Delay between 60 & 120 mins 10%
Delay between 120 & 240 mins 15%
Delay in excess of 240 mins 20%
22 No Show Coaches very very rarely ‘no show’. To be investigated and recategorised. TBA
24 No Text re Driver’s number TBA
25 Pick up Address Complications TBA
26 No of vehicles supplied incorrect TBA
27 Disabled access – ramp not strong enough to take weight of motorised wheel chair TBA
28 Multiple vehicles supplied instead of one – Client not informed TBA
29 Vehicle not roadworthy TBA
30 Dangerous Driving This is a very serious issue and should be reported to the police. The operator will give full cooperation in this process

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