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Mechanical/Breakdown Issues

Mechanical/Breakdown Issues

Breakdown and Mechanical Failure Policy

Coaches are serviced and safety checked every 6 to 9 weeks in line with VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) requirements. However, it is inevitable that vehicles can develop mechanical problems. Also by definition any problems can arise at short notice causing inconvenience. Our policy in such situations is to give the customer options – We seek to offer the customer a choice of the following.

  1. A full refund; or
  2. A delayed start to the trip whilst a replacement coach is sourced; or
  3. If available an alternative vehicle:
    1. If the vehicle is larger than the service booked or a service enhancement (e.g. a luxury) this will be provided at no extra cost to the customer;
    2. If the vehicle is smaller or a service reduction (e.g. luxury replaced by executive) then we will provide the service and refund the price differential.
    3. If we provide multiple vehicles e.g.: two 49 seat executives to cover a 72 seat executive then this will be provided at no extra cost to the customer. No refund is available to the customer if at least as many seats are provided at a similar or superior service level.


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