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Coach Hire to Calais

At Momentum we do Coach Hire for international Trips and Tours. There are typically 4 components to be considered when booking coach hire to travel abroad. They are the coach hire itself, the driver accommodation, the ferries/tunnels involved and finally any incremental costs involved.

The Coach Operator for an international hire should have both a licence and insurance to operate abroad. At Momentum we recommend only executive vehicles (under a certain age and with toilet facilities) are used for coach hire abroad. When considering what size of coach to book please bear in mind coach hire luggage space.

For a quote please email [email protected].

The Coach Hire

Coach Hire is typically charged at a day rate for an International Tour. The rate can vary depending on a number of factors such as the distance to be travelled, whether the trip is in Peak or off Peak Season and whether there is a requirement for more than one driver
One or Two Driver

Our Advisors would be happy to give you are precise proposal but as an indicative guideline the coach hire daily rates are as below:

16 Seater 24 Seater 49 Seater 75 Seater
Peak Season £340 – £375 £365 – £420 £500 – £650 £700 – £900
Off Peak Season £300 – £350 £330 – £400 £445 – £545 £600 – £750

The Ferries and Tunnels

At Momentum we can take care of the tunnel/ferry bookings as part of your international coach hire. We can make provisional bookings for you and you will also benefit from our corporate discounts. You can either check your potential crossing times before speaking to one of our advisors or they can check the options for you. Below we have provided some useful links for you for suppliers where we have preferred supplier status

Dover/Calais www.seafrance.com
Chunnel www.eurotunnel.com

The Drivers Accommodation

When our coach hire drivers go on a tour abroad then accommodation can either be taken care of by us or you the travelling group. Often if you are booking accommodation you may achieve a ‘bonus room’ for the driver – it is worth asking the question.

In the event of us organising the driver’s accommodation for international coach hire we will typically charge a rate of £60 per night. Our drivers are not looking to stay in the ‘Ritz’ merely somewhere clean and comfortable.

Other Costs

The above three components cover a fully inclusive cost from Momentum. We do not look to levy any hidden extras such as tolls, parking etc. You should be particularly careful when comparing with other Coach Hire quotes. These hidden costs particularly for countries such as Germany, Austria and Italy can be a very unpleasant surprise.

The Distance to be Travelled

The distance to be travelled increases the cost of Coach Hire in three ways. Obviously the first cost is the fuel –which unfortunately is increasingly expensive. Secondly the longer the trip the greater the depreciation cost on the coach hire vehicle. Thirdly the longer the time driven the higher the driver hours for the first and if need be the second driver.

Peak or off Peak Season

Whilst no cast in stone rules the peak periods for coach hire are typically as follows. The February half term (for ski breaks), the Easter holidays, the summer period from mid May to the end of July and the pre Christmas period (for ‘booze and cigarette’ runs). Early booking is particularly advised in these periods to avoid disappointment.

One or Two Driver

A coach hire may need a second driver when the following is exceeded. The driver must have a break of not less than 45 minutes after 4.5 hours of driving.

The driver can only drive for 8 hours in a day – then must have a 10 hour break before driving again.

The Maximum time on duty (irrespective of the ‘driving hours’) is 15 hours. These laws are in place for good reason. Do not try to encourage the driver to break these rules when you hire a coach. There is a maximum of 45 hours in any 7 day period


As we write elsewhere. It is important to consider how a Company resolves a problem in the coach hire industry. It may seem quaint tralling accross Europe with a husband and wife team – 1 coach operator – but you need to ask what happens if something goes wrong? What is plan B? Momentum Coach hire operates a network of over 500 coaches accross our network. We cannot guarantee there is never a problem but we can guarantee the best response in the market if there is one.