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Customer Service Policy

Momentum Coach Hire is committed to delivering excellent customer service. This customer services policy sets out what this commitment means in practice, what our customers can expect from us and what we expect from our customers. Momentum will resolve disputes in line with this policy.

As a coach hire company we provide a wide range of services across many different locations to different people and organisations and it is important that everyone receives the same high quality response.

Both ourselves and our customers accept and understand that coaches – like all transport – can be late for reasons such as previous passengers running late, mechanical issues, traffic, accidents and a number of other issues in the normal course of business. Both parties accept that in entering into a contract for coach hire the issues will be resolved in line with this customer service policy.

Our promise to you

We are committed to promoting access to our services and offering choice wherever possible in the services we provide. Our staff are responsible for providing an efficient, caring and professional service.

Responses to customer will always be in writing.

We will ensure that you are dealt with:

  • quickly
  • fairly
  • in a courteous, helpful manner

We will always:

  • be open and honest and explain our decisions
  • ensure that staff take responsibility for resolving or dealing with your query, or that they refer it to an appropriate colleague
  • give as much information as possible to help you make informed choices
  • act in accordance with the law

We would like you to:

  • give us the information we need to help you
  • treat all our staff fairly and with respect
  • give us your views and suggestions to help us to improve our services

Our customer service standards

Contact by telephone

We will:

  • aim to acknowledge your request to raise an issue by sending an email detailing how to raise the issue with us and the next steps.

Contact in writing

We will:

  • aim to respond to standard written enquiries within 28 days of receipt, resolving the issues raised if at all possible. If the issue is more complicated and likely to take longer to resolve, we will give you an idea of how long this will take
  • ensure that within the response provided customers are given a named contact of the staff member dealing with the issue

Contact by email

We will:

  • aim to acknowledge issues submitted with 48 hours, except at weekends or during bank holidays.
  • aim to provide a full written response to email inquiries within 28 days of receipt, resolving the issues raised if at all possible
  • ensure that within the response provided customers are given a named contact of the staff member dealing with the issue

What we ask of you

Momentum staff should not be expected to deal with rude, abusive or threatening behaviour. If such unpleasant behaviour is encountered and cannot be calmed down, staff will politely state that they will have to terminate the contact (put the telephone down/leave the meeting etc). Momentum may take appropriate action against any individuals who are abusive to staff.

Our Customer Service guidelines for complaint resolutions

We believe, on an occasion when an issue occurs with a trip, that we should act fairly and consistently with our customers so as to resolve any issue reasonably and as soon as possible.

Subject to this, please find below our current statement of resolutions to possible complaints, by type.  Please note that this statement is for guideline purposes only and any individual resolution is subject to the discretion of Momentum Coach Hire management.  Also, this statement may change at any time, without notice.

The liquidated damages noted below are usually in full and final settlement of any existing claim; however this does not affect your statutory rights.

No. Complaint Type Sub Types Voucher/Refund Value/%
1 Late Coach Pick-Up
Between 30 & 60 mins V £50
Between 60 & 120 mins Cash 10%
Between 2 & 4 hours Cash 15%
4 hours + Cash 20%
2 Late Coach Arrival at Destination Wrong route V £25
Wrong time estimate V £25
Wrong address details
3 Coach Breakdown Made own way Cash £TBA
Late but client still took coach – Between 30 & 60 mins V £50
Late but client still took coach – Between 60 & 120 mins Cash 10%
Late but client still took coach – Between 2 & 4 hours Cash 15%
Late but client still took coach – 4 hours + Cash 20%
4 Wrong Vehicle Type Executive not Luxury – Not agreed Cash £TBA
Executive not Luxury – Agreed
Executive not Luxury – Over expectation
Standard not Executive – Not agreed TBA £50
Standard not Executive – Agreed
Standard not Executive – Over expectation
5 Wrong Vehicle Size Vehicle too small – Supplier at fault Cash TBA
Vehicle Ammended and agreed
Vehicle too big – Supplier at fault V 10%
Vehicle too big – Momentum at fault V £25
Vehicle too big – Changed and agreed
Vehicle too big – Lack of client information on usage
6 Coach Toilet Problems No toilet – Pre-agreed
No toilet – Not agreed Cash £50
Toilet locked – No access V £50
Toilet smelly
Toilet not flushing
7 Coach Aircon Problems No Aircon Cash £50
Aircon not good enough V £25
8 Coach Cleanliness Inside coach cleanliness V £25
Outside coach cleanliness V £25
9 Available Luggage Space Not enough luggage space
Inappropriate luggage space
10 Coach not colour promised
11 No 3-Point seatbelts
12 Itinerary not adhered to Not followed confirmed itinerary V £TBA
Not followed requested (not confirmed) itinerary
13 Driver does not have itinerary Confirmed.  Supplier at fault.  Itinerary not followed V £TBA
Confirmed.  Supplier at fault.  Itinerary followed
14 Driver does not carry out verbal amendments
15 Driver breaks At pick up point
On route to destination
16 Driver has no SATNAV/lack of knowledge
17 Coach Availability – Delay time rejected R 100%
19 Rude Driver V £50
20 Driver not having appropriate dress
21 Driver goes to different Pick-Up for return
Between 30 & 60 mins V £50
Between 60 & 120 mins Cash 10%
Between 2 & 4 hours Cash 15%
4 hours + Cash 20%
22 No Show R £TBA
24 No Text re Driver’s number
25 Rude Momentum Staff
26 Accounts too aggressive
27 No second driver
28 Additional Charges
29 Pick up Address Complications TBA TBA
30 No of vehicles supplied incorrect
31 Disabled access – ramp not strong enough to take weight of motorised wheel chair
32 Multiple vehicles supplied instead of one – Client not informed
33 Vehicle not roadworthy
34 Dangerous Driving

Making the policy a success

This policy sets out Momentum Coach Hire’s commitment to its customers. In order for us to learn and improve our services we want to use the feedback from the contact that we have to make changes.

We will do this by:

  • publicising our standards to our customers
  • carrying out customer surveys after every trip to measure the success of the policy
  • introducing internal monitoring to help all our services meet the standards
  • supporting and training staff to provide better customer service
  • monitoring our complaints to identify where we need to make improvements

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