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Red Bull

The client was Red Bull and we provided transportation to and from the Airports and hotels for the event participants and TV media for the Xdiver’s 2012 event in Wales.

-How we dealt with the enquiry

* The enquiry was deal with by making the client detailed time tables/schedules for the arrival and departure times to and from airports and hotels as well as providing the transport to and from the diving event

-How we delivered the service to fulfil their requirements

* Will fulfilled their requirements by keeping to the detailed time tables and providing the transportation exactly to their specifications and needs.

-The feedback we got from them afterwards

We received positive feedback from them. We had a lot of vehicles booked in from them and every part of the trip went to plan i.e time tables, coach sizes. They were impressed with how quickly we managed to deal with any logistical glitches.

The client has expressed that they will be working with us in the future and once they have the details for the 2013 event, if it is in the UK they would happily use us again.