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Contingency Plans

Coaches like any form of transport can run late (due to previous passenger delay, mechanical problems, traffic, accidents, driver illness etc). A customer should be aware of this and build in an appropriate level of contingency into their plans. This should be a customer decision and is a function of the importance to the customer of being on time – this is a personal decision for the customer.

At MCH we will attempt to prioritise in time sensitive situations in the event of mechanical problems and we recommend a contingency of 90 minutes for the most time sensitive of events (e.g.: weddings/funerals, christenings etc.) and scenarios where a connecting transport needs to be met (e.g.: airplanes, ferries, tunnels, boats, etc.). Where a customer is looking to make a specific transport connection the customer is recommended to understand from the connecting party the consequences of being late. We always recommend a customer looks at travel insurance options (recommended site www.columbusdirect.com)