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When Things go Wrong

The overall objective of coach hire provision is to get a vehicle and driver to the customer as per the client expectations. These expectations relate to the type of coach, punctuality, communication and driver standards. We resolve to investigate and report on concerns customers express re these issues.

In addition our policy in the following circumstances are noted with regard to Coach Hire:

Coach Hire Availability

Vehicles can become unavailable at short notice due to either breakdown or accident. Whilst this is covered in our Terms and Conditions we do try in all situations to give our clients the best options available options in the coach hire market. First option would be for us to provide a replacement vehicle. Second option would be to go to our industry contacts and see if an alternative exists and what secure it at the best possible price. Historically it is only the most exceptional and rare circumstances where we are unable to provide our customers with an option.

Coach Hire Breakdown

Breakdowns fortunately are very rare. However when one does happen we have an unrivalled national (and European)  network of partners who will work with us to recover the passengers and continue them on their way to their destination. We use all resonable efforts to make this as seamless as possible.


As a policy we always stand behind the quoted price for coach hire. Clients should note on their Quotation what is included in the price (such as second drivers, ferries, tolls, overnight accomodation etc). The only exception when it comes to ammending price is that like all Transport Companies we have to reserve the right to levey a Fuel Surcharge in the event of exceptional variations in the price of fuel. To date the only time we needed to do this was in the Summer of 2008 when the industry saw fuel increases not known since the mid 1970’s.

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