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Coach Hire Cost

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Additional Costs

At Momentum we endeavour to make quotations for coach hire as transparent and as user friendly as possible. There can be a small trade off between rapidity of response and accuracy of final pricing. So whilst we actively encourage all users to access our online Quotation tool (it is the same tool our own reservation team use) we try on this page to point out any area where there may be a small discrepancy between an online quoted price and the final price.


One of the most frequently asked questions is about VAT. Coaches are zero rated for VAT –  there SHOULD BE NO VAT charged for coach hire. The only exceptions to this rule are when as part of executive/luxury transport a hostess service and catering/refreshment services are requested. These services do incur VAT.

Airport Parking

Small parking charges are absorbed by Momentum as part of our belief that clients should not be ‘nickel and dimed’. One of the obvious exceptions to this is the coach parks at the airports (see also ‘Airport Coach hire’). The BAA airports for example typically levy a charge of £22. These are third party out of pocket expenses. These costs incurred during coach hire are recharged to the Customer.

Racecourse Parking Fees

In line with airports many racecourses levy significant fees on coach access. For instance Royal Ascot charges up to £50. Where these costs are material (i.e. over £10 these costs will be notified to the client and recharged).

Wembley Stadium

Whilst the new stadium has many virtues parking is not one of them. The stadium can charge up to £50 for certain events in the coach park. These costs are recharged to the clients.

Second driver/day supplement

The rules on when a second driver/driver day is required can be reasonably complex but clients should bear in mind that it is a possibility of this charge being raised in any scenario where a driver’s day is more than 9 hours. For a second driver day we raise a standard charge of £120.

Driver Accommodation

For longer trips which involve overnight stays the driver requires accommodation. The client can either source this directly or we are happy to do this on the client’s behalf. If we organise the accommodation we have a standard daily budget as follows.

International Accommodation £75.00
UK accommodation – (excluding London) £45.00
UK accommodation – (London) £60.00

See below – an article from our blog on coach hire

‘Driving down the M3 sitting behind a National Express coach i was struck by an advert which said Portsmouth to London for 99p. Bus services and Airlines (thank you Easyjet and Ryanair) have always been creative in their headline prices but is this type of ‘pricing tactic’ spreading to coaches?

The inherent problem of any online pricing business is it is always subject to the variables of the specific booking -so for airlines this includes mode of payment, hand luggage or check in luggage, self checkin or agent check in, etc, etc.

To a degree the same applies to coach hire. Following a customer complaint that we would not waive the second driver required on a trip (health and safety is not negotiable) we decided to review the last 20,000 trips we carried out (approximately 18 months) to see how often our ultimate charge deviated from the initial quote. The findings were as follows:

1.     Credit Card Charges                                  33% of bookings

2.     Client requesting additional pick up/drops    6% of bookings

3.     Second Driver required                              3.4% of bookings

4.     Miscellaneous                                            0.7% of bookings

So what does this mean for coach hire pricing? It basically means that as mode of payment and additional drops/pick ups are within the clients control then less than 5% of trips result in price changes being imposed on the the client. As the laws of the the land are also beyond the coach operators control and indeed few would argue against the control of driver hours for health and safety reasons.

So less than 1% of trips result in the customer being ‘hit with additional charges’ such as driver accomodation, parking or other items.

Conclusion? The Coach Industry is a long way from being in the same boat as Airlines and Buses.

One final point on credit card charges. Credit card companies charge between 1% and 3% for Companies to process card payments. American Express are the exception to this as they seem to charge 2% more than the other Companies. These should be borne in mind when considering whether card charges are a legitimate cost or padding in the prices.’