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Additional Charges

Because of the length of day/distance traveled please speak to our sales team before booking to clarify whether any additional costs may be incurred re: second driver charges, feeder drivers, second driver days, or driver accommodation costs may be required.

Driver Accommodation

If the trip is an overnight (just for one night) and the trip is more than 70 miles the most cost effective way is to accommodate the driver in a day bed. £50 provinces, £70 London (and any other city or major town) and £80 international.

If the trip is two nights above applies over 150 miles.

Second Driver Supplement and day bed

If the trip starts and ends more than 14 hours later (and is more than 75 miles)

If there is a 9 hour break in the middle. Add £100 for a possible driver day bed and additional labour cost.

Second Driver

If the total length of day is longer than 15) hours (allowing an extra hour for the coach to get to and from its base and there is not a 9 hour break a second driver is required. Second driver charge is £150 per day.

International Tours  and long distance tours

If the coach is needed for 6 days or more. The tour will need a second driver. Cost £150 per day.

Feeder Driver

If the pick up to destination requires more than 8.5 hours driving a feeder will be required. This will be £60 for  each additional hour over 8.5 hours x 2 for the return trip.

Accommodation is required for any tour where the driver ends the evening more than 50 miles from the point of original pick up.

This is the best guide in terms of general rules but there are always exceptions. Please speak to your adviser in order to clarify any issues.

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