Coach hire, the bbc and mccarthyism

Coach hire, the BBC and McCarthyism

A couple of weeks ago I took a call about what appeared to be a serious issue – namely a coach hire driver ‘putting peoples (on board the coach) lives at risk’. I instantly told the customer this was a serious allegation and as such she should report her concerns to the police. I said that we as a company would notify the driver of her allegation and would cooperate fully with the police when they approached us.

At this point the conversation took a surprising turn when she asked about partial compensation! I outlined of course compensation would be due if her allegations were proved to be correct but outlined my surprise that she linked ‘peoples lives being put at risk with a £100 refund’. The customer pretty much said the whole issue would go away if she got £100 back ‘in cash’!

What disgusted me about this call –the claims appear to be groundless- is what somebody was prepared to say about another person which could have cost them their job and their good standing in the community and may of even led to groundless criminal investigation. Someone was prepared to ride roughshod over someone else for their own objectives – in this case a tawdry attempt to get £100.

In contrast the ‘witch hunt led by the BBC, Phillip Schofield and Tom Watson’ and others against Lord McAlpine is not a tawdry objective – child abuse is both vile and unfortunately very real in this country. However investigations into specific allegations of abuse should be the job of the police with people who have a public voice using it to argue for general awareness and vigilance. People in public positions should not be the first to grab the pitch fork!

Everytime someone makes a discredited claim they undermime the very cause they claim to support.

So for dangerous driving and other even more serious allegations – habeous corpus yes, trial by pitchfork no!

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