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Customer Service Policy

Momentum Customer Service Policy

At Momentum, we pride ourselves on providing excellence to the Operators that we represent as agent as well as the customers that we take bookings from.

Although your contract is with the Operator that provides the coach hire service and not Momentum, we take our role in the booking process seriously and, unlike other booking agents, will not simply walk away once the booking has been taken leaving the Operator and the Customer to communicate directly.  Instead, we try to assist and undertake a liaison role between you and the Operator.

This means that, if the Operator is not going to be able to fulfil the booking for whatever reason, we will try to offer you an alternative arrangement as soon as we are made aware of the situation.  This might be an alternative vehicle with the same Operator or a similar vehicle with another Operator.  If you are not happy with the alternative proposal, you will have the option of cancelling the booking and receiving a refund.

We invite all customers to give us feedback on the service provided by the Operators and allow us to manage a complaints process if they are dissatisfied.  This does not mean that customers cannot address their complaints directly to the Operator that provided the service but to do so would deny us the opportunity of managing the process and in some cases resolving the matter and ensuring it is not repeated.  We do this for a number of reasons:

  1. To ensure that all issues are dealt with consistently between Operators
  2. To monitor the service levels provided by Operators
  3. To ensure that the Operators treat their customers fairly
  4. To identify any trends and work with Operators to improve the service
  5. To assist in the swift resolution of complaints

We hope that by analysing the data we receive, we can improve the service offered by the coach hire industry nationwide.

Complaints Procedure

As stated above, Momentum is only the Agent for the Operators and is not liable to for any failings on the part of the Operators.  We are however willing to help you deal with complaints you may have.

Step 1

If you choose to seek Momentum’s assistance with a complaint about an Operator, the first step is for you to make contact with our Customer Service Team by sending us an email providing as much detail as you can including the booking reference.

Step 2

We aim to acknowledge the complaint within 1 working day of it being logged.  We will give you an indication of when you can expect to receive a substantive response if it is not possible to deal with the complaint immediately.  Please bear in mind that, depending on the nature of the complaint, it can take time to investigate.

It is our intention to deal with all complaints as quickly as possible and, at the very least, provide you with a detailed response is within 28 days from the first working day after we receive the complaint.  The response will also give you the name of the Momentum representative that is dealing with the complaint on your behalf.

We will always explain the reasons for any decision made by the Operator in relation to your complaint.

Of course, if you have a complaint about us and the way we have handled your booking as opposed to the service provided by the Operator, you can use the same procedure.

What we need from you

In order to assist us in dealing with your complaint, we ask that you provide us with as much information as possible when you log the issue with us.

We also ask you to be patient while we investigate the complaint with the Operator that provided the service and give them the opportunity to respond to the complaint through us.

In return for our assistance, we ask that you treat our staff with respect and courtesy – remember that we are not the Operator that provided the coach hire service and we are trying to help you to resolve the complaint.  If you are rude, abusive or threatening, our staff members will politely inform you that the communication is being terminated and Momentum will cease to assist you with the complaint.


By way of guidance on the suggested resolution to certain complaints, you will find a helpful table within the Coach Operator’s Charter which sets out the financial resolution that is available in respect of complaints that have been reported in the past.

Ongoing Service

Using the information that consumers provide in the feedback forms and complaint logs, we believe we can drive standards to improve the customer experience in the coach hire industry in the UK.

We will continue to monitor the information we gather using customer feedback surveys on every completed booking and provide updates on industry standards.

Momentum is continually looking to improve its own service levels so any feedback you provide on us will also be monitored and used to improve the way in which we operate.  The data will be used to train staff and identify failings to make sure they are not repeated.

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