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Showsec help organisers and venues create safe event environments and audience experiences through the delivery of award winning specialist venue and event security.

We provided transport for Showsec where we arranged coaches from 13 different locations to towns/cities all over the UK to bring in Security to staff Olympic Venues, Festivals and Music Concerts

Some of the coaches required were for over night stays, as well as same day returns. Picking up from

Nottingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Central London, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff, Birmingham, Southampton, Portsmouth, Newcastle Upon Tyne

2,493 People – 60 Vehicles

-How we dealt with the enquiry

*Working closely with Showsec and the Operations team to ensure we use were the correct vehicles for the number of passengers

*Signage to be displayed in the coach with company logo and pick up area was sent all drivers

-How we delivered the service to fulfil their requirements

*All drivers were informed of routes as multi pick ups were required for the coaches and timings were key

*Drivers contact details were provided for the logistics team as well as text to all Lead Passengers

*We delivered the service successfully and made sure they client reach their destination on time and safely

*We took care of all last minute changes and provided all the support possible to ensure the clients were satisfied with the service.

*On site Momentum Staff were at hand on site, to liaise between the client and drivers

-The feedback we got from them afterwards

The feedback was positive, so much so we continue to do work with Showsec today and will be looking after there transport requirements all over the UK