No Such Things As Cheap Coach Hire

It always gets on my nerves when I see ‘cheap coach hire’ written on websites and in advertising.

People love using the word cheap and price is a relative thing … the value is reflected in the price you pay.

We only use the word in a small part our our PPC campaign and this is only because the quality score and we are working on a big project to remove low value and conversion keywords from our campaigns.

Anyway away from the internal business issues we are working on there is a bigger issue for the industry.

A constant focus on price and less on service will not be good for the long term future.  This is why we are investing in CoachCompare.Com to drive customers to focus on value that is driven by service and product quality.

The ongoing drive by coach hire comparison websites on cheap leads and selling cheap quotes is not good for business; as Wagner said ‘the plan will lead to cheap men and cheap products.’

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