The Golden Age – Joe Frasier and Coach Hire

I wished I lived in the golden age
Giving it up on the Broadway stage
Hang with the rats and smoke cigars
Have a break with Frank and count the stars

Its interesting how when anyone talks about golden ages its almost always in the past tense.

BBC 4 recently ran a programme about the golden age of coach hire – the post war, pre cheap foreign holiday era. We disagree at Momentum Coach Hire – we see the green agenda, austerity, an ageing populations and a soft pound combining to offer a revival to domestic travel in the UK. People in business often forsake the great opportunities in front of their eyes whilst lamenting nostalgically byegone times. We say the opportunity is in front of us as we speak.

Golden Ages however should never be forgotton when looking at our sports stars. They define our yesterdays and are particularly resonant in an age of austerity.

For those of us old enough – 40 somethings – to enjoy memories of childhood and youth here are some favorites. Ali v frasier, Borg v Conners, Ballesteros v St Andrews, Red Rum v Aintree, Porterfield v Leeds, Tardelli v Germany

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