Good company, Bad Company and Coach Hire

So Ed Milliband is going to become the great arbiter of what is a good company and what is a bad company.

So BAe is a manufacturer – that makes it a good Company right? But it makes products whose aim is to kill people?

It is ironic that whilst 3,000 job losses represent a personal tragedy for 3,000 families – is the world really a worse place with 3,000 fewer weapon makers?

Hedge funds are evil right? Even if they are giving us an early warning that our governments, banks and pension funds are squandering our money on Greek bonds or membership of the ERM?

So coach hire for school kids is good right? Well is it good that gas polluting coaches, drive (overweight) kids long distances from their homes in turn undermining the local school.

Many people i have known bemoan the demise of the mining industry in County Durham being replaced by ‘crappy’ call centre jobs. However i can’t remember the last time a call centre room collapsed killing a number of its staff.

These are complex and subjective issues but i am pleased an entire shadow cabinet of people who have never worked a single day in industry in their working lives are going to bring their great minds together to resolve this?

For those in coach hire we will have to content ourselves with the knowledge that if all coaches turn up on saturday safely and on time – that is a good day. If they are late and the toilet is blocked, that represents a bad day!

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