Embracing the binary world of review sites

Is a little information better than no information? Historically you would think the answer is yes but in the strange world of coach hire i am not so sure.
The world of logistics and travel means that if you are doing a decent job you will have 1 or 2 unhappy customers for every 100 trips you fulfill. Of thses unhappy customers some have legitimate gripes whereas others apportion blame for things which are beyond your control ( accidents and closed roads being an example).
The problem with review sites for coach hire and any other industry is that they do not represent a fair reflection of your product/service. What they represent a fair reflection of those most motivated to comment.
People who are motivated to comment are more likely to be those who have had a bad experience rather than a good one.
So at Momentum we now ask all our customers to fill in a rating on our own review page www.momentumcoachhirereviews.com as well as pointing them in the direction of the top half a dozen review sites.
Long term we believe we will see a convergence towards our current service average – based upon 3,500 reviews of just under 4 out of 5.

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