May you live in interesting times

This historical Chinese saying was originally intended as a curse. But surely the intellectually curious love the idea of living in interesting times. These are interesting times at Momentum Coach Hire.

So what is so interesting at the moment?

Firstly the world seems to be angry at the moment – and where there is protest there is coach hire and MCH. At Momentum we are utilitarian and pragamtic – we will take any protest the Government deems to be legal. In recent months we have taken literally hundreds of coaches to EDL rallies, rallies against the EDL, Student protests, Unions against the Cuts protests, Libyan protests against Gaddafi, Egyptians against Mubarak and many many more. We may have to change our strap line from rent a coach to rant on a coach.

Meanwhile in the Happy Valley of the Momentum IT department we are working on a myriad of Apps for smart phones as we remain convinced that mobile will be the dominant platform of the future.

So anger and technology advances – interesting times indeed.

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