If in doubt – bet on black and red

So how does industry – and particularly Coach hire – embrace new media and social networking? And who is going to win in the long term Google or Facebook? What will be the role of Twitter?

The simple answer is no one knows who will win nor do we know the new alternatives which will emerge. Fortunately unlike roulette we our not faced with a binary choice.

Here at Momentum we have unashamedly embraced search engines – both PPC and SEO, directory links and many other internet based channels.

We will continue to invest heavily in search engine activity having offshored part of this to India in 2010. We will also continue to support the likes of Bing, Yell and Yahoo as they attempt to resist the onward march of Google.

Twitter we have embraced for our supplier communities – with Operations and IT both having Twitter accounts.

Our Facebook strategy is client facing but on a segmented basis. An example being our wedding transport desk using Facebook to help develop our expertise, our focus and our communication on weddings.

At the same time we have a couple of pet projects we are running – to be announced soon – in the mobile space. This is perhaps Momentum coach Hires equivalent of a little bet on the green ball!

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