Coach hire and the Economy

Surely the SURPRISE that the economy contracted in the 4th quarter is a reflection of how far economic forecasters are removed from the real world. Coach hire was very much in the real world.

Anyone who works day to day in the service sector could have told you that something very strange happened in the two weeks in December when we had the bad weather -the Country basically stopped.

Momentum enjoyed year on year growth last year of 94%. Our growth in January this year was 74% in line with our budger for the year. However, our december year on year growth was a very modest (in comparasin) 39%.

Christams parties were cancelled, shopping trips were cancelled and people did not even bother hitting the phones for future trips.

At Momentum our resident pub economists could not believe how people just assumed the GDP figures would stay on forcast and asked was the weather induced collapse in the coach hire industry so unique? The clear answer we now have is NO it is not unique!

The good folk at Momentum are however very optimistic with the start to 2011. We see a national picture of renewed steady if unspectacular growth – weather permitting.

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