There are no more Secrets?

So what does wikileaks and momentum coach hire in common – we both believe (whether we like it or not) that there are no more secrets in a digitally connected world!

With that in mind Momentum has taken the decision to publish every single review (subject to customers right to opt out) every single rating a customer gives us. See

So what has prompted this? Basically we have become bored with unregulated review sites who allow anonymous strangers (competition) to post reviews on Companies services they have never received. This creates a completely false impression of Companies – yes all service Companies have warts – but we are not all warts!

Everybody who books a trip with us gets send a rating request which asks for a mark out of 5 and offers a box for free text. So if you have not booked with us you dont get invited to comment.

Our commitment is that the only moderation is for personally offensive comments -but we will still leave the score even if we have to delete the comments. In the medium term we will publish a breakdown of scores by area/ vehicle type  and event type.

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