There is no irony in Equality

Recently announced figures show that the percentage of coach drivers from the fairer sex is steadily on the rise. Quite rightly equality is spreading in the coach hire industry to mirror the rest of society.

Meanwhile after years of rich men arguing that pre nup contracts should be recognised in the eyes of the law isn’t it a positive step that the (supreme) law courts have finally decided to embrace freely entered into legal contracts.

However, for equality watchers out there, how is it that – given 95% + of pre nups are entered into when the man is in the stronger financial position – the courts finally realise the injustice of disregarding freely entered into contracts when it is a rich woman who is being pursued by her ‘relatively’ impoverished husband?

Given that the highest courts in the land are supposed to dispense justice – neutral of colour, creed or sex- how did this case come to represent the dawn of a new reality?

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