Christmas is Coming?

So after last years no show – the coach industry is wondering will the Christmas Corporate party seaon happen in 2010. The Christmas party season whilst reasonably important to the Coach hire industry but more importantly is an important barometer which indicates where the Corporate market stands in terms of discretionary spend on events, travel and entertaining and is a useful indicator on the current economic outlook and indeed the outlook for 2011.

Given that we are not yet out of August Momentum coach hire already has an impressive list of Christmas parties booked throughout the UK so provisional guesstimates are that it will happen in 2010 although perhaps not with the same level of decadence as was seen at the peak of the boom times.

Anyhow biggest party of all has been planned and booked. The BeeHive will be hosting the Momentum Party on the 23rd December. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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