Mark Rowley – Surrey Police Chief Constable – your forces attitude is a disgrace

What happens when you catch a criminal in the middle of the act of committing theft – over £500’s worth – and you have him on one of your coach hire vehicles? Well it appears if you are in Surrey absolutely nothing!!!

This is what happened to the bemused Momentum coach hire staff today.

As it happened a group of 50 people booked a coach to Thorpe Park – paying for the trip (and apparently a number of other things) using a stolen credit card. The person who’s card was stolen contacted Momentum to alert us – at the very moment the criminals were dropped off at the park – two hours before the criminals were to be picked up.

We called Surrey police to let them know of the theft involving hundreds of pounds and that the criminals will be on the coach at 7pm. We even offered to drive the criminals straight to the police station.

What did the police say? Please call Thames Valley police and they will give you a crime number and investigate it. Investigate it? Investigate it? We offered to drive the thieves to the police station. They did not want to know!!!

So Mr Mark Rowley if you dont want to apprehend thieves involved in stealing over a £1000 of goods and services when the public are offering to drive them to the police station can you please tell me what you do to justify your bloated, fat cat bureaucratic existence.

Tax payers pay thousands of ££££’s for your salary and millions for your force and you are too busy to arrest people who have stolen things !!!

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