Its Alton Towers Again!

So yet another year when Alton Towers is the most popular sinle desination for coach hire here at Momentum. Given our national coverage it would appear likely that this is a reasonable representation of the industry as a whole. Top 5 results are listed below:

Alton Towers    7.5%

Thorpe Park     5.8%

Blackpool     1.3%

London     1.2%

Brighton     1.15%

Customers have also been very receptive to Momentums attractive coach hire + tickers packages. Offering the cheapest pre booked deals in the market for cusomers Momentum have sold over 25,000 entry tickets in the first 29 weeks of the year for desinations including Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Chessington, Darayton Manor and Legoland.

As Momentum continues its move into integrated events keep an eye out for our attractive deals covering accomodation in London, Blackpool, Newcastle, Brighton and Bournemouth.

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