From Coach Hire to Meerkats – the good guys should win!

My last blog – which advocated there was nothing wrong with the good ‘quakers’ of Cadbury being taken over by the historically tobacco fuelled conglomerate of Kraft -certainly created a mixed reception from friends and foe alike. The problem with business is that the good guys and the cleverest guys dont always ‘Win’!

Advertising – in coach hire is very simple – an increasing migration from offline to online directories. The odd bit of direct mailing, supplemented by key word ppc and seo. In fact the most radical thing about coach hire advertising is a bit of guerilla marketing ‘buying competitors names’ on Google.

So what is the point of this blog. Well todays Institutional offender is the increasing use of ‘drum beat’ advertising agencies! Go Compare (3 beats), we buy any car dot com (6 beats – i know there are seven syllables) and one one eight twenty four seven (7 beats) and ads of a similar genre increasingly domonate the media airwaves. Quite frankly i find the continued diet of these adverts fantastically irritiating. I thought subliminal advertising was banned a long time ago? If this is the future of radio and tv advertising then god help us all!

So who are the good guys. Quite simply the meerkats! not only are the adverts funny but this website is absolutely brilliant. So the fat opera singer may blow away the meerkats with their spend – but i for one will show loyalty to the meerkats in exactly the same way that dictates  i will never buy a white label supermarket product.

So the point is? – Innovation and creativity is what makes the world a better place for everyone. The great thing about business is that it is way too interesting to be solely about making money (investment bankers take note). Who made more money out of Pharmaceuticals Alexander Fleming or Jeff Kindler (CEO of Pfizer)? Who made more money out of TV’s John Logie Baird or Gerard Kleisterlee (President of Phillips). As the JarraArra – one of our team leaders noted -one is just a businessman the other invented penicillin. Innovation changes the world whereas money changes one mans bank account.

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