To Email or not to Email

At Momentum Coach hire we have over 100,000 people who have emailed or sourced online quotes for coach hire. We are regularly launching new services such as our theme park coach hire (with entrance ticket) deals and our Stansted shuttle services which are of interest to our clients so obviously email as a marketing tool is very important to us.

At the same time the coach hire team at Momentum (as email users) – who are regularly irritated by the latest Viagra, Cheap Loan, Nigerian prince who wants to give us money – we also recognise there is a fine line between useful information and unhelpful irritation. With this in mind we have devised our email policy to be as follows.

Email Policy

Momentum segments (as far as is practicable ) its database of email addresses both my user – schools, corporate, travel agents and special interest groups – as will as trip type Theme Parks, Tours and Airport Transfers. We will never send a generic email for coach hire to all our entire database.

So if you do receive an email form Momentum Coach Hire which is unwelcome please be aware we have made an effort to send you something we we believed you were legitimately interested in and it is not generic spam.

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